Discover Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Discover Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Can you smell your way to good health? There are many people who now think or are sure that you can. However there are many who believe that the right natural fragrances can help you feel better, work better and, best of all, relax! The planet is filled with natural fragrances that many of us take for granted. read latest blog posted at

An excellent example is the trick of having bread baking or fresh coffee on the go as you show a prospective buyer around your house. It could be the fresh smell that precedes a rainstorm, the smell of freshly ground coffee or the smell of your favorite flower; natural aromas are all around us and influence our disposition.

There are more than 150 oils that have distinctive therapeutic, psychological and physiological properties that are reputed to improve health and prevent illness. All aromatherapy oils have their own unique healing and antiseptic properties. Some oils are antiviral, others relieve pain, some are relaxing and yet others can even be used as anti-depressants.

“Essential oil” was originally quoted as “quintessential oil.” The term is come from the idea of Aristotelian which is matter that composes the 4 elements, namely, air, earth, fire and water. And the fifth element, is the quintessence, which was considered as the spirit or the life force. Nowadays, we already know that, being far from the spirit, an essential oils considered as physical by nature and was composed of many complex chemicals. Evaporation and distillation were said to be the processes of getting and removing spirit from plant and also it is being reflected from the language since the word “spirits” is utilized to describe certain distilled alcoholic drinks like brandy, eau de vie, and whiskey. visit their official website for more tips.

Much work and research has been done to see if the power of smell can help in the treatment of many common ailments. Is that possible? Put a good quality lavender essential oil onto an aromatherapy diffuser or hot stone vaporizer, close your eyes and feel yourself relax and drift off into another world. Our bodies have worked in close unison with Mother Nature for so many years and maybe she knows something we are only just beginning to understand.


Research by reading articles, books and e-books by experienced practitioners. The time will be well spent as there may be benefits to you, your health and wellbeing. There is much to be discovered and enjoyed in the safe use of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Like all alternative treatments, aromatherapy is not something you experiment with without attaining some knowledge. For example, mentioned above is vaporizing lavender essential oil and enjoying the soporific effect. It may be tempting to massage the lavender essential oil straight from the bottle onto your temples or foreheads. However, good quality lavender oil is very concentrated and that strength on the skin is likely to cause an unpleasant reaction. It is only recently that the advice has been given to mix Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils with a carrier oil before massaging into the skin. Previously it was considered safe to put either of these essential oils directly onto the skin but there have been cases of allergic reactions.