What Is The Difference Between A Diffuser And A Humidifier?

What Is The Difference Between A Diffuser And A Humidifier?

When you want to create an aromatic experience within your home then you can use an Essential oil diffuser or a humidifier for this purpose. These two provide similar benefits but they are two different instruments. In order to decide which of these are more ideal for you then you need to figure out what exactly you need to achieve by buying one of either. The choice should then be a lot easier for you.

How a Humidifier works

Humidifiers release a mist within the room that increases the room’s humidity. This is used as relief during very hot and dry times. The humidifier is a desired device in these situations because it makes the air more moist which helps to prevent the skin from being dry and prevents any possible conditions that people experience in dry conditions. Many persons use the device to ameliorate conditions such as sinus and flu. 

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Humidifier

The humidifier serves its own specific purpose, it is used mainly for increasing moisture in the air and it does this very effectively. This means that when you have dry months it will keep your skin healthy and glowing. If you want to relieve cold and flu symptoms then a humidifier is one of the best drug free options. It also works quite quickly to relieve these symptoms making it a preferred treatment method for many. It also helps you to sleep better and decreases the instances of snoring during your sleep.

On the disadvantageous hand, the humidifier needs to be cleaned weekly or can attract bacteria and germs that will make you very sick.  It is also easy to adjust the humidifying levels incorrectly that will bring the humidity to undesirable levels. To prevent this be very mindful of the directions of the product. Some of the diffusers are also not safe for your children or your pets. You need to be careful if you have kids within the household. The humidifiers that have hot water within the device can hurt them. Another setback is that devices are not usually designed for use with essential oils. In order to get this benefit you will have to use an essential oil diffuser.

How a Diffuser Works

Diffusers are made to release essential oils into the atmosphere in the form of mists. These devices are used to perform the aromatherapy functions that essential oils offer. There are various types of diffusers. The ultrasonic and evaporative ones blow the liquid out to create a mist released in the air. You usually dilute the essential oil with water when you are using these methods. The heat diffuser burns the essential oils until it evaporates, the nebulizing diffuser as been said to be a favorite because it maintains the natural chemical makeup of the oil. It uses air pressure to push the essential oil into the air.  

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Diffuser

The essential oil diffusers help to lift the mood of all the persons that it reaches. When there is tension in a room, a diffuser can be used to release the air and have it spread more evenly to calm everyone down. It also helps to reinvigorate those in the room and lift energy levels which boost productivity.  It helps to make the air cleaner and removes any harmful elements like bacteria that can make you sick. Therefore it prevents illnesses. It can also seep into the skin to have other positive effects on you.

However they can be quite annoying and noisy causing it to be a nuisance during sleep.  This causes a problem since it is supposed to make you relax while disturbing you at the same time. Additionally the diffusers can be on the expensive end especially when they are the top quality ones that will give you the best benefits.

A diffuser and a humidifier can be sometimes confused because of the fact that they both alter the air. However they are both different devices. The humidifier moistens the air to help in dry times and the diffuser releases essential oils into the air to make for many aromatherapy benefits. Based on what you need you should now know whether it will take an essential oil diffuser or a humidifier. visit organicaromas.comsi…

Using the Magic of Rose Essential Oil – Aromatherapy Healing For the Mind, Body and Soul

Using the Magic of Rose Essential Oil – Aromatherapy Healing For the Mind, Body and Soul

When you are buying oils for healing and holistic self-treatment, it is important that you invest in the best quality oil. Not all oils are created equal and if you are using the oils on your own body, you want to make sure that you receive the maximum benefit. Learn more detailed information straight from the source.

Many people Buy Essential Oils because they enjoy the beautiful fragrance the oils create around their home and office, and nowadays even more people are turning to 100% pure essential oils for the benefits on a person’s emotions, body and soul.

Unfortunately many companies dilute their oils, or add synthetic chemicals so that they can make a higher profit margin. This leaves consumers with a cheap, low quality “oil” that has no therapeutic value whatsoever. You will not receive healing or health benefits from a “fragrant oil” (a synthetic oil that is a copy of the original, but made from cheap synthetic ingredients). In fact, have you ever experienced headaches when you have been around a fragrant candle or air freshener? This is due the toxic chemical ingredients found in these so-called pure essential oils and your body is saying “Stay away!”.

Because essential oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from flowers, herbs, peels, leaves, bark and resins, they also contain the “life force energy” of the plant. Over thousands of years of use, this life force energy in essential plant oils has proven to soothe, nurture and uplift the emotions (lemongrass, geranium, rose and sandalwood), can heal as well as preserve your body (such as, peppermint, ginger, lavender, frankincense, chamomile) and can bring clarity so with concentration to your mind (like lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus, basil). These effects are the strongest when you place the essential oils directly onto your body as not only do you inhale their amazing aromas, but the oils work their healing magic when absorbed into your bloodstream.

The best way to know if the oils you are looking to buy really are 100% pure essential oil, and not a synthetic fragrant oil, is to learn about the company who is selling the oil. Here are some things to look for:


  • Does the company offer certified organic essential oils?
  • Look for oils that are certified organic with USDA or ACO.
  • Is the company dedicated to the health and wellbeing of you and the planet by offering an organic product range, or do their other products contain synthetic chemical ingredients?
  • Also look to make sure they are putting their name or brand on the label to show you that they stand behind the oils they sell. Don’t trust a company that doesn’t put their label and brand on their bottles. checkout latest news at https://www.yankodesign.com/2017/05/29/minimalistic-tea-inspired-aromatherapy/
  • Are the oils from first distillation or have they been distilled two or three times resulting in a “watered” down oil?
  • Make sure you can see the botanical name of the plant on the label/website so you know the oil came from a plant and not a chemical laboratory.
  • Overall, remember there are so many beautiful, amazing healing benefits when you buy essential oils to use for your emotions, body and soul. Investing in the purest quality, organic essential oils is investing in your holistic health and wellbeing.

FAQ About Aromatherapy Diffusers

FAQ About Aromatherapy Diffusers

Would you like you entire family to experience the beneficial effects of aromatherapy? Did you know that you can use an aromatherapy diffuser to fill your child’s room with a curative scent? Your family can enjoy aromatherapy easily using an aromatherapy diffuser such as a burner, candle, or nebulizer. visit her latest blog post for more updates.

An effective type of diffuser that is simple to use is a burner. You just have to make sure that you know how to properly work the aromatherapy diffuser. Read more so that you can find more guidelines regarding the utilization of diffuser around with children.

What aromatherapy burner exactly is? Aromatherapy burner were consists of two levels. The first level is a tea type of candle. Above the tea candle is the second level which consists of a ceramic bowl filled with oil and essential oil. It is important to put warm water in the bowl. Essential oils are potent. Therefore, the purpose of the water in the bowl is to dilute the essential oil.

How do you use an aromatherapy burner? After you have set up the water, oil, and tea candle you light the candle. The heat from the candle warms up the essential oil. Essential oil is volatile so when it is heated its scent is released into the air. The oil and water evaporates providing a continuous scent. A word of caution – make sure to watch the burner because you don’t want all the water to evaporate before the candle is extinguished. If the candle is still burning then it can cause a fire. Note: You can always add more water if you need to. need more information? go to https://organicaromas.com/

If you do not wish to use a candle in your burner you can find an electric burner. You still have to watch electric burners for the same reason as candle based burners. If the water evaporates and you leave the electric burner on it can cause a fire.

Word of Caution: If you choose to use an aromatherapy burner around your children then make sure that you supervise it the entire time.


How much essential oil should you use in the burner that is around children? Following is a guide based on age. Use 1-2 drops for children up to 2 years old. Use 1-3 drops for children aged 2-5 years, 1-4 drops for children aged 6-10 years, and 1-5 drops for children aged 11 and over. If your kids suffer from any form of allergies or having an adverse feeling to burner then you can try first a fewer drops. Always remember, that the more you put drops of essential oil into the water, the more the scent becomes potent.

What organic essential oils should be put in the burner? It’s up to you. You can find essential oils that will boost your outlook or that will calm your aching muscles. For kids, colds are often a problem so you can try a eucalyptus oil to help open their sinuses. It depends on your preferences and what your child can tolerate.

Check out aromatherapy burners today so you can take advantage of the benefits of aromatherapy.

Discover Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Discover Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

Can you smell your way to good health? There are many people who now think or are sure that you can. However there are many who believe that the right natural fragrances can help you feel better, work better and, best of all, relax! The planet is filled with natural fragrances that many of us take for granted. read latest blog posted at http://www.theartofcheese.ca/using-the-magic-of-rose-essential-oil-aromatherapy-healing-for-the-mind-body-and-soul/

An excellent example is the trick of having bread baking or fresh coffee on the go as you show a prospective buyer around your house. It could be the fresh smell that precedes a rainstorm, the smell of freshly ground coffee or the smell of your favorite flower; natural aromas are all around us and influence our disposition.

There are more than 150 oils that have distinctive therapeutic, psychological and physiological properties that are reputed to improve health and prevent illness. All aromatherapy oils have their own unique healing and antiseptic properties. Some oils are antiviral, others relieve pain, some are relaxing and yet others can even be used as anti-depressants.

“Essential oil” was originally quoted as “quintessential oil.” The term is come from the idea of Aristotelian which is matter that composes the 4 elements, namely, air, earth, fire and water. And the fifth element, is the quintessence, which was considered as the spirit or the life force. Nowadays, we already know that, being far from the spirit, an essential oils considered as physical by nature and was composed of many complex chemicals. Evaporation and distillation were said to be the processes of getting and removing spirit from plant and also it is being reflected from the language since the word “spirits” is utilized to describe certain distilled alcoholic drinks like brandy, eau de vie, and whiskey. visit their official website for more tips.

Much work and research has been done to see if the power of smell can help in the treatment of many common ailments. Is that possible? Put a good quality lavender essential oil onto an aromatherapy diffuser or hot stone vaporizer, close your eyes and feel yourself relax and drift off into another world. Our bodies have worked in close unison with Mother Nature for so many years and maybe she knows something we are only just beginning to understand.


Research by reading articles, books and e-books by experienced practitioners. The time will be well spent as there may be benefits to you, your health and wellbeing. There is much to be discovered and enjoyed in the safe use of aromatherapy and essential oils.

Like all alternative treatments, aromatherapy is not something you experiment with without attaining some knowledge. For example, mentioned above is vaporizing lavender essential oil and enjoying the soporific effect. It may be tempting to massage the lavender essential oil straight from the bottle onto your temples or foreheads. However, good quality lavender oil is very concentrated and that strength on the skin is likely to cause an unpleasant reaction. It is only recently that the advice has been given to mix Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils with a carrier oil before massaging into the skin. Previously it was considered safe to put either of these essential oils directly onto the skin but there have been cases of allergic reactions.